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Map of Spindale

College Ave / U.S. Highway 74-A

Main Street Spindale is lined with tall Bradford Pear trees. These trees provide shade along the walking trail, and a show of nature's beautiful changing colors all year round.

 Rutherford County is crossed by many major highways and interstates, making this area a convenient place to relocate a business. Rutherford County is within driving distance of many natural wonders and tourist attractions. We are located near several major metropolitan areas and major airports in Asheville, Charlotte, and Spartanburg.


   Spindale is only minutes away from the Rutherford County Airport, making our location very feasible for conducting business, whether it be right here at home or abroad. The Rutherford County Airport daily accommodates a mixture of air traffic that would be enviable to much larger facilities.



Highway Accessibility:


                                       Route                   Distance                Direction

                                       US 74                     Local                 East & West

                                       US 64                     Local                 East & West

                                    HWY 221                   Local               North & South

                                         I-26                    20 Miles               East & West

                                         I-40                    21 Miles               East & West

                                         I-85                    26 Miles             North & South


Driving Times To Major Cities From Rutherford County:


  Asheville - 1 hour 23 mins                      Gastonia - 1 hour 22 mins


Charlotte - 1 hour 47 mins                      Hickory - 1 hour 26 mins


       Raleigh - 4 hours 23 mins                Spartanburg, SC - 1 hour 7 mins


Crimson leaves are a Main Street Autumn treat.

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