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Burn Permit Information


Spindale residents may apply for Town burning permits 

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm at Town Hall, 

 Small brush limb & natural vegetation permits - Free

 Land Clearing permits greater than a 10'X10' pile - $50

 Permits are not required for cooking or recreational fires in a pre-manufactured burn pit/grill - wood burning or LP gas, as long as it is being used per manufacturers specifications.  Barrels and drums are not permitted nor designed for burn purposes.  All open flaming devices are recommended to be a minimum of 50' from any structures or other combustible materials.

list of Items that can be burned is available upon request.
No burning permitted on Sundays or Holidays.

            1.    Permits do not release a property owner from liability. 
            2.    The permit process is designed to acknowledge that the Fire & Police are aware of the location of your controlled burn.  
            3.     If your fire poses a threat to adjacent property, or becomes a nuisance due to smoke drift or wind direction, The fire department may have 
            you extinguish a permitted fire until these conditions improve.  
            4.    It is unlawful to open burn without a permit or on non permitted days within the Spindale Town limits.

In the event your fire becomes dangerous dial 911.
per Section 307 pg.28-29 2009 NC Fire Prevention Code
& Spindale Ordinance 94 

Residents that live in the Spindale Fire district but do not live in the town limits may use a county permit.

Click the Link above for Online County Burn Permits




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