Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Official:

Ashley Harris-Norwood

(828) 286-3466

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Spindale is committed to providing our citizens with a clean and safe environment in which to live and work

  • The Code Enforcement Official works to enhance safety and quality of life.

  • Code Enforcement looks to preserve neighborhood property values.

  • Code Enforcement addresses violations such as, but not limited to:

    • Junked Motor Vehicles

    • Animal Nuisances

      • Minimum Housing: No person shall occupy as owner-occupied or let or sublet to another for occupancy, any dwelling or dwelling unit designed or intended to be used for the purpose of living, sleeping, cooking or eating therein, nor shall any vacant dwelling be permitted to exist which does not comply with the requirements set out in Sections 152.10 through 152.22 of the Town of Spindale Code of Ordinances. These sections define the minimum standard for sanitary facilities, heating, electrical systems, light and ventilation, and other minimum housing requirements. Some examples that do not meet the minimum housing standards include RVs, camper trailers, and outbuildings and other accessory structures.

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