The Spindale Police Department Ride-Along Program

The Spindale Police Department encourages members of the public to participate in the ride-along program for a variety of reasons. Such members of the public may include, but are not limited to:

    1. Officer’s family members or friends for the purpose of understanding the officer’s job and related stresses. An officer’s spouse, fiancé, or significant other will not be allowed to ride with that officer or on that officer’s assigned shift;

    2. Communications center employees, Criminal Justice students, Basic Law Enforcement Training students, departmental interns, or prospective police applicants for the purpose of furthering their knowledge of actual police work in the field;

    3. High School students, at least 16 years of age, with their parent/guardian and schools permission, for the purpose of educational related activities (Job Shadow, Career Day, Etc.);

    4. Civilian town personnel or the News Media;

    5. Other approved by the Chief of Police to promote community relations.

Disclaimer: Full-Time Sworn Law Enforcement Officer’s may also be a part of this program, however, they will not have to fill out the required forms, nor will all rules and/or guidelines apply to them.

As a general rule, no person under 18 will be permitted to participate in this program.

The following forms below can be downloaded at the bottom of the page; please print, complete, & return to the Police Department.

Ride-A Long Application

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