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Starting A Business

Start your business here in Spindale! 
We are located in the center of Rutherford County, North Carolina, nestled in the beautiful Western North Carolina Foothills.  

Feel free to call or visit us at Town Hall anytime for assistance or guidance in making Spindale your new business home!

Educational Institutions:

Media Outlets:
WNCW 88.7 fm
WCAB Radio 100.9fm /590am
The Daily Courier newspaper

The town is easily and quickly accessible from nearby metropolitan areas such as Charlotte, Asheville, and Spartanburg, SC.  
Three nearby interstates, I-26, I-40 and I-85, as well as Hwy 221 and Hwy 74 increase Spindale's connectivity.  
     Obtain a Zoning Permit from the town zoning officer located at Town Hall, 125 Reveley Street, Spindale, NC  28160 phone (828) 286-3466.  Verify that the business is properly zoned for the type of business to be conducted, and understand signage regulations.  This applies to businesses located in an existing building (new or change of ownership), new construction, long term or temporary, expansion or renovations, as well as home-based business including tent structures over 399sq ft. or 20'X20', food trucks, door to door peddling, side walk sales etc.  If you are not sure if you need a "zoning permit" ( Spindale Town Ordinance - 154) - you most likely do. The permit process is relatively inexpensive but essential to properly registering your property use and business.  Information transferred during permitting also helps; town officials, law enforcement, fire and emergency services with vital owner/contact information.  (Residential yard and garage sales require a no cost permit)

     Obtain occupancy rating and fire inspection from the Fire Department.  This can be arranged through the zoning officer (828) 286-3466.  If you are a business classified as an assembly, institution or daycare etc. needing an annual or re-occurring fire Inspection, the required fee can be paid at the town clerks office located at 125 Reveley Street. Once the fee is paid then an appointment will be arranged for your business fire safety inspection (also applies to ABC permits.) All other business and industry types are inspected on a 3 year schedule. 

    You should visit the Spindale zoning office before you select a location for your business.  You will also want to make plans to schedule your fire inspection 1 to 2 weeks prior to opening for business.  This will help alleviate last minute issues that may prevent your business or event from opening on time. 
    The fire inspection is required "before" you open for business.
    Applicability -  NCGS 160A-411, 160A-412, & 160A-413
    Spindale Town Ordinance - 94.01 Fire Prevention Code and Hazards

Start water, sewer, and garbage collection through Broad River Water Authority

Broad River Water Authority
P.O. Box 37
138 Duke Street
Spindale, NC 28160

PH: 828-286-0640
FAX: 828-286-3977

Emergency 24-Hour:
PH: 828-287-7776

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M-F

Maria Hunnicutt, Manager

Building Code Inspections for Spindale are handled by the Rutherford County Building Inspector:

270 North Toms Street
Rutherfordton, NC  28139
(828) 287-6035
Fax (828) 287-6338

8 am - 4:30 pm - Monday through Friday


Please select the NC 811 picture for free utility locating in Spindale.  


Town Background
Zip Code:
Town Population: ~4,300
County Population:
Median Family Income:
1,089 feet