Fire Prevention / Community Risk Reduction

Below are the primary risk areas and projects that affect the citizens and visitors to Spindale.  

The Spindale Fire Department provides training and education to cyclists and pedestrians throughout the town.  With the growing popularity of these alternate means of transportation, the need for education also grows.  The fire department has added a bicycle to our fleet which fire personnel use as an outreach tool on a daily basis as well as at events throughout town.   Helmets are given out to children who do not have them free of charge at the fire department.  Children can also be fitted for helmets by our trained staff.  The fire department is also available to cyclists as a “pit stop” for general maintenance needs as they enjoy a ride through our town or a ride on the beautiful rail to trail system.  Cyclists will find basic supplies such as air for tires, minor repair supplies and tools, and a staff that is always willing to help.  This service is complimentary.  Groups and organizations can request fire department to provide this training at their location and events.

The fire inspection program is mandatory and is designed to keep owners, employees, occupants, and rescuers safe in the event of emergency.  This handout summarizes typical regulations covered in order to facilitate efficient fire inspections.  Contact the Spindale Zoning office to set up an Inspection - 828 286-3466.

Fire extinguisher training is offered to all businesses located in the Spindale Fire Department response area.  Training is offered at the fire department or on site.  Training is conducted to the standards set forth by OSHA 1910.157.  

Fire extinguisher training is available to the citizens of the Town of Spindale.  Participants will learn the proper selection of extinguishers for their home as well as the use of extinguishers.  This training is offered at the fire department.  Training is also available to groups at their location upon request.

The fire department will install smoke alarms free of charge in the home of citizens of Spindale upon request.  The fire department will conduct a home safety survey at the time of visit and will discuss home fire safety topics as well as install the appropriate number of alarms for the home.

Home safety inspections are conducted free of charge upon request.  Fire department personnel will help citizens address safety concerns within their homes and suggest changes to make them safer.  This is done in efforts to recognize these needs and implement proper safe practices within the home to prevent catastrophic loss from fires and or injuries.   The “Safe at Home” home safety inspections are also available to our senior citizens and address safety concerns for our senior citizens.  Addressing risks such as trip hazards, falls, burns, etc. are vital to keeping these citizens safe.  Fire personnel will conduct these inspections with permission after multiple calls from an address for falls and or injuries where seniors are involved. 

CPR hands only training is available to the businesses in the Town of Spindale.  Upon request one of CPR instructors will provide training to the employees of businesses.  Participating businesses will be publicly displayed as participants.  Lay Rescuer class is free of charge (CPR certification classes are available through ICC for a small charge per student.)  Understanding that the first minutes of a cardiac arrest are vital to have proper resuscitation efforts initiated prompted this program.

CPR training is available to citizens of the Town of Spindale.  For further information contact the fire department.

Station visits can be scheduled by contacting Spindale Fire Department.  Visitors will be introduced to fire personnel as well as given a chance to see a day in the life of a Spindale Firefighter.  Training can also be conducted at the station for church groups, civic groups, schools and preschools, etc. upon request.  Spindale Fire Department welcomes groups and individuals of any age to visit.  The Fire Department is also available to come to schools, groups, events, etc. upon request.  

With multiple trained JFSI specialists, Spindale Fire Department is available to meet the needs of parents, guardians, etc.  This program is in place as a preventative measure to provide information, education, and resources as soon as a problem is identified. 

Our annual Community Safety Night Out is a fun filled family event where you will meet emergency personnel from the town as well as surrounding areas, and you will also have the chance to see various emergency apparatus and equipment.  Local businesses, churches, groups, etc. are always represented.  There is prizes, games, food, live music, DJ, and more available at this event.  Vendors are welcome and encouraged to attend.  For more information contact Spindale Fire Department. 

For more Information Contact:

 Phone (828) 286-3465

PO BOX 186

Spindale, NC 28160



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