Spindale House

Open Weekdays: 6:30am - 5pm


Located in the heart of Main Street, the Spindale House serves as the gathering place for all ages. Outside, you can enjoy your day watching the children play on the swings or just watching the world pass by while sitting in the beautifully landscaped gazebo area.

The History of the Spindale House


On August 21, 1923 the town of Spindale was incorporated. The charter named S.E. Elmore, mayor; J.Y. Yelton, M.D. Haney, P.H. Grose, J.O. Williams and G.B. Howard, the first board of aldermen.


The Spindale House was formally opened to the public in a series of exercises held there Feb. 22-24th in the year 1926. 

This beautiful community center and recreation building was the former home seat of the late Col. Frank Coxe, and was built in 1885. 

It was remodeled and converted into a memorial building. 

In the hall is a large bronze tablet bearing the following inscription:


"Spindale House, for the recreation of the people of Spindale.

Established in loving memory of Simpson Bobo Tanner, pioneer

manufacturer of Rutherford County, Dec. 8, 1854 - July 3, 1924, and

his wife, Lola Spencer Tanner, Dec. 30, 1865 - Feb. 22, 1920, and their

son, Jesse Spencer Tanner, Aug. 31, 1902 - Nov. 3, 1923."


The building was presented to the Town of Spindale by K.S. Tanner and other members of the Tanner family.




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