Fire Rescue History


The Town of Spindale was organized August 27, 1923.  The fire department was established in March 1924.

November 2020, Spindale Fire received NC light Rescue Certification.



According to the minutes of the first  fire department meeting in March of 1924 the following were elected and present:


Yates Duncan - Fire Chief

S.K. Yelton - Captian

G.L. James - Lieutenant

G. J. Moore - Day Driver

G. F. Greene - Night Driver

O.C. Smith - Fireman

Jim Chatham - Fireman

T.B. Tate - Fireman

Ed Nanney - Fireman

Bill McDonald - Fireman

Hal Sherrill - Fireman

Ocie Nanney - Fireman

Fred Greene - Fireman

Milton Apperson - Fireman




Picture of Spindale Firefighters in the Late 1930s, In front of the Fire Station which is now the Spindale library located on Tanner Street.

The fire engine is a 1926 Chevy Engine #1 which is still used today as a parade engine and located at the current Fire station on Reveley Street in Spindale.



 Spindale Fire Chief's


1st - Lee R. Moffitt 1924-1927   Also Chief of Police

2nd  - Yates Duncan 1927-1933   Also Chief of Police 

3rd - H. A. Bradley 1933-1936

4th - H. A. Dotson 1936-1941

5th - Earl Hardin 1941-1945

6th - J. U. Grose 1945-1951

7th - C. J. McCurry 1951-1954

8th - Carl Beaty 1955-1968

9th - William Nanney 1969-1970

10th - Bobby J. Ensley 1971-1972

11th - John A. Horne 1973-1998  

12th - John Saylors 1998-1998

13th - Jack Conner 1998-2003   Also Chief of Police

14th - Harlon "Joey" Turner 2003-2007

15th - James "Jimmy" Powell 2007-2010

16th - Billy Conner 2010-2014

17th - James Guillermo 2014-Present



 Members of Spindale Fire Department in the 1940's.





1950's Engine #2



 First Fire Department Patch



 1970's Spindale Engine #1 & #3.




Revised Patch in the 1980s



Spindale Engine #4 delivered in the Late 1980's

The siren has been atop our fire station since the early 1970's.  We no longer use it for dispatch.  The Siren was repaired by Shane Jackson in January of 2016 and is currently manually operated.  It is only used for Severe Weather Warnings.  "Special Thanks" to Christopher Jancse for preserving this important part of history on his web site.  Click on his link below to see and here the Siren.

YouTube (Link)  Darley STH-10

Video by TrainsAndSirens1 - Christopher Jancse







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